Who We Are

Shanghai CPJ Robot Co., Ltd.  Established in October 2018, a key high-tech enterprise supported in the Lingang Special Area of Shanghai.

Shanghai CPJ Robot Co., Ltd. is leading by robotics expert Mr. Wu Wensu and composed of several outstanding talents in the field of robotics. Since its establishment, the company has served over 1000 clients.

Our main product is PoE Interactive LiDAR, it has maintained its position as the industry leader in its segment for two years.

As a specialized PoE interactive Lidar product developed specifically for interactive fields, PoE interactive LiDAR overcomes many problems that traditional radar faces in interactive scenarios, and boasts advantages such as ease of use, high accuracy, and high stability.

Happy Clients
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Principles Of Our Work

Customers First

Always prioritize customers and avoid competing with them in business


Persist in focusing on innovative technology research and development, taking technology as the first driving force of the company.


Adhere to the right path, strictly follow the standards when taking on projects.


Zero tolerance for lies, management and collaboration in transparency.


Provide opportunities for every member to improve their abilities and acquire more skills, and progress together with the company.