PoE Technology

PoE technology eliminates the need for separate power cables and simplifies the installation of devices, wireless access points, etc.

Designed for Interactive Scenarios

Interactive LiDAR can be used for a variety of purposes, including art exhibits, entertainment experiences, and educational displays.

High-precision Interactive Experience

Our PoE Interactive LiDAR sensors can track users’ movements, highly responsive and immersive visual experiences can created and a greater sense of realism and interactivity is provide to users.

Free LiDAR Touch Software bundled

We developed our own operation software called LiDAR Touch and bundled it into our package, it allows users to configure the settings and parameters according to their requirements, improving productivity and accuracy.

Use Scenario: Immersive Space Interaction

Products: 2D 360° PoE Interactive LiDAR

Create Captivating Worlds with PoE Interactive LiDAR Space Tracking Transport audiences into immersive worlds with our PoE LiDAR space tracking system.

By consolidating power and data into one Ethernet cable, installation is made simple. The LiDAR Touch software empowers you to customize reactive environments tailored to your vision. Craft responsive projected landscapes, enchanted forests, or sci-fi destinations. Build immersive escape rooms and interactive theaters.

PoE LiDAR space tracking provides an affordable way to blanket indoor and outdoor areas in interactivity and engagement.

LiDAR Touch Immersive Space Tracking transforms Immersive Space into portals to interactive worlds.

With just one LiDAR Touch bundle, you can turn any flat surface – whether an LED screen or projected screen – into an ultra-responsive interactive zone. More sensors allow for larger screenscapes and total immersion when combined with interactive floors.

LiDAR Touch enables you to engage audiences in entirely new ways. From small-scale projects to environment-wide interactivity, LiDAR Touch puts the future at your fingertips.

Unlock the potential of your space and captivate your guests with LiDAR Touch Immersive Space Tracking. The possibilities are limitless.