PoE Technology

PoE technology eliminates the need for separate power cables and simplifies the installation of devices, wireless access points, etc.

Designed for Interactive Scenarios

Interactive LiDAR can be used for a variety of purposes, including art exhibits, entertainment experiences, and educational displays.

High-precision Interactive Experience

Our PoE Interactive LiDAR sensors can track users’ movements, highly responsive and immersive visual experiences can created and a greater sense of realism and interactivity is provide to users.

Free LiDAR Touch Software bundled

We developed our own operation software called LiDAR Touch and bundled it into our package, it allows users to configure the settings and parameters according to their requirements, improving productivity and accuracy.

Use Scenario: Wall Interaction

Products: 2D 360° PoE Interactive LiDAR

Engage audiences on a whole new level with our PoE LiDAR wall tracking system.

A single Ethernet cable powers the LiDAR sensor while transmitting interaction data, enabling hassle-free installation. The included LiDAR Touch software allows you to easily configure reactive walls tailored to your needs. Convert static surfaces into immersive interactive worlds. Build responsive environments that react to people’s presence and respond to their motions.

PoE LiDAR wall tracking cost-effectively transforms walls into portals of creative expression and playful participation.

Bring your visions to life with interactive LiDAR walls.

Transform ordinary Walls into extraordinary interactive experiences with our revolutionary LiDAR Touch Walls Tracking technology!

Just one LiDAR Touch bundle converts any flat surface into a portal to boundless interactive possibilities. From discotheque LED screens to expansive projected Walls, our sensors open up worlds of creative potential. Combine multiple units to increase the size and scope of your interactive wallscape. Or pair with our interactive wall technology to surround guests in immersive interactions.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Take your space to the next level and mesmerize your audience with LiDAR Touch WallTracking.

The future is at your finger!