PoE Technology

PoE technology eliminates the need for separate power cables and simplifies the installation of devices, wireless access points, etc.

Designed for Interactive Scenarios

Interactive LiDAR can be used for a variety of purposes, including art exhibits, entertainment experiences, and educational displays.

High-precision Interactive Experience

Our PoE Interactive LiDAR sensors can track users’ movements, highly responsive and immersive visual experiences can created and a greater sense of realism and interactivity is provide to users.

Free LiDAR Touch Software bundled

We developed our own operation software called LiDAR Touch and bundled it into our package, it allows users to configure the settings and parameters according to their requirements, improving productivity and accuracy.

Use Scenario: Arc Curtain Interaction

Products: 2D 360° PoE Interactive LiDAR

Entrance and dazzle crowds with our PoE LiDAR arc curtain tracking solution.

By delivering power and data over one Ethernet cable, LiDAR sensors can be rapidly installed anywhere.

The LiDAR Touch software allows you to easily configure interactive curtains of light tailored to your event. Program responsive light shows and participant-controlled displays. Build interactive photo backdrops and magical entranceways.

PoE LiDAR arc curtain tracking lets you cost-effectively transform any event into a showcase of creativity and delight.

LiDAR Touch Interactive Arc Curtain Tracking unlocks a new dimension of interactivity!

Our cutting-edge Interactive Arc Curtain projection technology uses LiDAR sensors to turn any flat Interactive Arc Curtain into an ultra-responsive surface. From LED Interactive Arc Curtain to expansive projected landscapes, LiDAR Touch brings Interactive Arc Curtain alive. Link multiple units to increase the scale and versatility of your Interactive Arc Curtain. Combine with interactive walls for fully immersive environments.

LiDAR Touch Interactive Arc Curtain captivate audiences, engage users, and deliver next-level interactive experiences.

Step into the future with LiDAR Touch Interactive Arc Curtain technology today!